What's New
In order to better help our OEM customers globally, Granite has expanded its facilities in Shanghai, China. We now offer multiple locations to ensure a consistent supply of products globally for service in any part of the world.
Granite is a Dell OEM Partner and offers a variety of Dell solutions. We offer value-add services on top of Dell's servers and workstations, allowing OEMs to use Dell hardware with Granite's controls and management. Eliminate surprises and get exactly what you need, every time.
Granite now offers additive manufacturing services to OEMs, allowing customers to leverage the benefits of 3D printing in production grade parts. Ask us today how you can use 3D to save significant time and money.
Granite is pleased to announce its Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance - Associate Level status, which offers the Healthcare OEM a perfect blend of compute solutions combined with Granite's ability to offer long-life, consistent hardware.
Source from Anywhere
With the ever-shrinking planet leading to globalization and offshore sourcing, global supply chain management is becoming an important aspect of any product manufacturing relationship. Much like traditional supply chain management, the underlying factors are cost reduction and decreased risk related to purchasing activities. There are challenges that go with the advantages, and Granite is here to help.

Granite can help you with:
  • Material versus labor costs (you may want to buy in one region, build in another)
  • High caliber supplier selection and control
  • Time and affect on overall lead times
  • Redundant sourcing
  • Shipment costs
  • Exchange rates
  • Logistics, paperwork, customs, etc.
Granite is well established in North America and Asia and we can help you choose the best source on earth. Literally.
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